hazel Hazel Large
Hazel is a trainee literary consultant for Wycliffe in Bamaku, Mali. She networks and builds relationships with literacy partner organisations.
This involves research into the available literacy resources, in terms of programmes, people and materials. This will help Wycliffe  make decisions about area of literacy in which SIL can best make a contribution.
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Hazel  served in Niger from 2004 and with Wycliff for several years before that. For 8 years she served as the coordinator of the Zarma language literacy programme in Niger and is now a trainee literary consultant for Wycliffe in Mali.

About Wycliffe and SIL:
Wycliffe South Africa is part of an international network of organisations working in the areas of Bible translation and literacy. Wycliffe recruits and facilitates the sending out of workers. Members of Wycliffe are most often seconded to SIL International, an NGO which does the field work of linguistic research, Bible translation, Scripture use and literacy. Hazel is seconded to SIL Niger.
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