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John Atkinson is the National Director of the Church’s Mission Among Jewish People in SA. He, together with Edith Sher minister among the Jewish community, as well as offering teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith to churches, through Torah studies, Roots and Shoots Conferences and John’s popular Israel tours.
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John Atkinson was an Associate Rector in St John’s Parish for 24 years, 18 of which he served as a Minister at Christ Church Kenilworth. He has 30 years experience in a pastoral ministry with specialised skills in counselling and teaching. While at Christ Church Kenilworth, John completed a BA Social Work degree majoring in psychology and marriage counselling.  He returned to the field of theology with post-graduate studies in the Old Testament at Stellenbosch University. 
John is the National Director of CMJ S.A. (The Church’s Ministry among the Jewish People). He is also Chairperson of both the CMJ International Conference and the Board of Governance of CMJ Israel.
John’s teaching ministry focuses predominantly on the Hebrew Scriptures and the Jewish Roots of the New Testament. John is committed to introducing Christians to the riches of the heritage with which the Jewish Messiah Jesus presents us.

CMJ South Africa runs mini conferences nationally which focus is on aspects of the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith. John lectures in Old Testament Studies at the Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town and he is also involved in advocacy initiatives for the Jewish community in Cape Town. John Atkinson has been conducting educational Tours to Israel (Holy Land), Jordan and Egypt since 1992. His tours offer time in Israel, Egypt (Sinai) and Jordan with expert local guides. A variety of tours of different duration are offered from time to time.

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