cputhouseOn Wednesday evening The Warehouse hosted a donor event; the focus of which was how to distinguish between acts of ‘charity' and ‘justice’.
Brian Koela and Craig Stewart reflected on the importance of churches understanding the differences between these and in which circumstances they were called for.
Every year in Cape Town there are storms, like the one we recently experienced. These are not always disasters though they cause great suffering and distress. Whilst sheltering people from a storm is appropriate and compassionate for a brief spell, these relief responses cannot address the deep causes of homelessness or inadequate housing.
After a storm or disaster subsides, we need to engage with affected communities, to understand the challenges they face and what they envisage would improve their lives in all weather...
As life stabilises, more relief is damaging – the cycle of poverty is perpetuated. The next step is transformative development: to recognise, affirm and support the ‘endogenous’ or internal capacity and knowledge of communities, which face the realities of unjust socio-economic systems (past and present) daily. Communities, which are often caricatured as powerless and hopeless.
Active participation between socio-economically and racially diverse communities is key to beginning to build relationships and find new pathways forward.
Radical Economic Transformation is a political buzzword at the moment, but in truth, it’s going to require more than sound bytes, tweets or political posturing to understand and achieve it. The injustices which beset us the world over must be addressed from the top down and the bottom up with, in, and through the chief architect of radical transformation - Jesus.
From the top down, we need policies and strategies which will address the gross inequalities of the past in South Africa and a government which will pursue and make good on these promises. We need honest public servants in leadership positions where they bring the best of their knowledge, experience, skills and service for the sake of the whole country, especially those who wake up in the worst housing, with the poorest access to education, water and sanitation, and the least employment opportunities every day.
At the same time, world history bears witness to human corruptibility. Power and elitism are seductive and can corrupt us all. Into the context of one of the most oppressive empires in world history, under the tyrannical lordship of Caesar, Jesus was born and announced the arrival of a different kingdom under the rulership of a very different Lord. The teaching and ministry of Jesus revealed the beautiful, restorative, re-humanising nature and reality of his kingdom. It was Good News from the bottom up and the top down. It was a new Exodus. An invitation of liberation for the oppressed and the oppressor. 
To choose Christ requires that we withdraw ultimate authority from the political, and socio-economic powers of today. so that our de-formed attitudes, behaviours and social relationships can be renewed. This takes courage. So much courage. It requires us to face and overcome fear. The fear is often rooted in a mindset of scarcity. That there’s not enough to go around. God led Israel through the Wilderness to teach them that scarcity was a mindset that they’d developed in Egypt which he wanted them to leave behind. To move forwards they had to learn to trust him for their daily bread and to be truly satisfied with that. Until we really understand AND experience the vast generosity of God then we will continue to live in fear of scarcity and resist sharing. Jesus said that perfect love casts out fear. So, if we are to conceive of a shared life now to come, then together we need to work out our deliverance from every unjust system and structure in our society.
Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the opportunities that God is presenting us with each day to wake up to this struggle which is real and taking place in us and around us. Paul acknowledged it is a spiritual battle between powers and principalities - we must be discerning about how they manifest. May we wrestle with and let go of the  world views that have conditioned us and instead embrace God’s kingdom through his Spirit who promotes and establishes justice and wholeness in and through all of us.
An exciting Cross-Church partnership to create affordable housing for disadvantaged students in the City of Cape Town has been developed.
Central Methodist Mission own a building next to District Six Museum which they are going to lease to CPUT Student Y Ministry to house and disciple 13 students with little financial means.
CCK has playing a key role in helping to develop the vision and partnership. To help it become a reality there are a number of skills needed as well as the opportunity to sponsor the students who live there.
Can you help?

- We need a handy plumber to out some doors on 3 showers and change a couple of bathroom sinks.
- To furnish the whole house is going to cost R5000 per student. Would you like to contribute to these start up costs?
- Moving forwards, we’d love to relieve the poorest students of the anxiety of the R2750pm rental. Would you like to sponsor a student? Every little donation will help them and the house succeed!
There are also opportunities to donate kitchenware, curtains and other items. Take a look at the list online and let us know if you can help? 

Will you pray for this house? It’s an incredible opportunity for the church to Can you help realise this great vision? It’s a great way for us as a church to redress the economic injustices of the past and to walk with churches and students into creating a new future together.
Please email annie@cck.org.za if you’d like to support this initiative with your skills or sponsorship.
Much love,

Annie Kirke, 30/06/2017


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