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Living life day by day can be heavy going. The way may be uncomfortably hard, soft, overcrowded, lonely or indistinct. We live with the danger of slipping, falling or going around in circles with no apparent way out. Can you remember how you got here? Have you seen or heard anything from God recently?

How about journalling bits of your current journey, in any form you like? You could simply record key points or words as one would in a tiny diary. At the other extreme, you could write copiously in a 'stream of consciousness' as your thoughts unroll. Or something in between - just writing in your own words - nothing fancy. Sharing your experiences, perplexities and frustrations with the paper on which you write. And then inviting one or both of us to carefully read it, provide a listening ear and prayerfully reflect back to you - not with a 'solution' or counselling, but with a gentle question of clarification, and an opportunity to keep in touch. All in confidence.

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If you would like to share a ‘lockdown testimony,’ or have a word of encouragement you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you. This is a heartfelt invitation for you to stay connected with us and with each other via the methods below.

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An account of what happened for my birthday Friday, the 3rd.
I was firstly woken with a lovely surprise, breakfast in bed. We then arranged for Beth to go and donate blood, which falls under the essential services required (we think), as they’re frantically advertising it on KFM etc.


We chose to go to the Blue Route mall as this was one of the Western Cape Blood Services sites.  I was up for the outing as driver, seeing that we felt Beth should not drive after donating a pint of blood, well that was my excuse to get out for a drive anyway.
We went off to Blue Route along a very quiet M3 Highway from Claremont to Tokai with much ease.
On arrival, there was lots of paperwork for Beth as she hadn’t donated for some time and quite a cleansing process of sanitizing hands, bottles and pens etc. Once they were told, by Beth, that it was my birthday, I was given a lovely comfortable seat next to Beth and brought a delicious cappuccino with a slice of fruit cake and two chocolate biscuits, well I was in heaven!
We were also fortunate enough to be seated next to a wonderful guy who suddenly received some serious VIP treatment, he was totally unaware of why it was happening, until they told him that it was his 50th donation. What a star he was. I told him that the world needs more people like him.
We then drove home to Claremont, via Kalk Bay and over Boyes drive. Not the most direct route, but it got us home. It was so wonderful to see and smell the sea again. That was a bit cheeky, but so worth it!

The Cake 2020-04-05 at 20.56.0

On returning home, I lit a fire and we settled down to have a braai, which in my world is an absolute treat, so Beth had got the whole day right so far in finding ways to spoil me during a lockdown.
While I tended to the fire out back, she was very busy inside and successfully kept me outside and avoiding having to go anywhere near the kitchen.


When we were ready to sit down and have our meal, she came out of the kitchen with our Congolese tenant and his 15 month old baby boy (whom Beth actually delivered , 15 months ago), singing happy birthday to me carrying a chocolate cake, which Beth had baked.  She has never baked a cake in our 5 years of being together, so imagine the surprise.
Like, really, did you bake a cake, a CHOCOLATE cake at that?
Well, was I surprised at what turned out to be one of the most pleasant and happy birthdays of my life.

Thanks to my lovely wife Beth.

I am truly blessed!
God bless and keep well


Thanks for your message of today, Rob I found it very true of my own experience and so helpful.

Two great positives for me. I am having conversations with the very ‘cosmopolitan’ community of people who live in my flat complex about stuff that really matters to them. Even discovered a few Christians here. One guy was thrilled to get the Uturn ‘how to respond’ email. So many are so anxious and feeling cut off and worried about children and money.

For the first time (honestly!) there is time and I am steadily praying for everyone in our block – and praying Psalm 91 for everyone in the bigger block from Wetton, to Salisbury to Indian to Main Roads – it’s so great to be able to remember the Jessops, and the Begbie’s from St John’s, Esther Marais who lives at the Cotswolds, Brenda who goes to the 10am on Wednesdays, Caroline at Dennekamp, etc, etc – even my family’s synagogue in Salisbury Road! All part of my church and my community.


I have, or am trying, to follow a new ‘rule’ of the day, helped by Peter Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Christianity – it’s more than helpful. I feel as if the Lord is gently on loudspeaker to me. How often does one have time to not only listen but to wait and stay on the path with him? Allowing every input, from books and regular devotional stuff and reflection to just come together in one rushing stream. My fear is that I won’t finish all God has for me in this season.


Today was not such a good day, a bit disorganised and ‘unproductive’ and scattered, but like all of us, I am learning to stay with it and not listen to the voices that say ‘you’ve wasted time’, not good. Like a wave at the beach, some days are up and exciting and others the wave just putters towards the shore without much momentum.
From Psalm 90: 14-17 "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by or like a watch in the night… May the favour of the Lord our God rest upon us: Establish the work of our hands, O Lord, establish the work of our hands."


Alison Bourne



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