Over the past few years we have given a lot of prayerful thought to what we felt God was calling us to do with


Christ Church Centre at 16 Summerley Road. This culminated in the decision we made at our CCK AGM last year that

we would go with the recommendation of the Special Task Team and welcome U Turn as out tenants on a five year lease. Th

e plan has been for U Turn to set up a residential facility for the people in its rehabilitation programme who are at the point of returning to regular employment and preparing for a return to mainstream society.

Preparations have been in full swing for a month now, preparing the house, and on Saturday 25th July we were able to celebrate the fruition of all our prayerful deliberations of last year as we joined our partners in U Turn in welcoming 10 very excited men into what will now be known as Church House.

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U Turn have employed Brandon and Candice Solomons as house parents. They are a young and very impressive couple, and I am sure we will come to know them well over the coming years. The whole U-turn team under Hudson McComb and the staff have worked very hard all through June and July to get the house ready for the new residents and, as you can see from the photographs on our website, it really looks wonderful. There is still quite a lot of work to be done in terms of bathrooms and more furnishing before the project reaches its finished state.
As we saw the new residents arrive on Saturday there was the most extraordinary sense of the ‘rightness’, described by those who were there as a sort of ‘this is what God has wanted’ moment. It is good to sense this confirmation that the choice we made after considering two very good options, is now bearing fruit. This was something we held close to our heart as a whole church community, and we can all now share in the joy of seeing the realisation of our decision.

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Taryn Galloway, 06/05/2015