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The Land Between 2 - Fertile Ground for Faith and Doubt (download)
Rob Taylor, 17/03/2019
Walking Through Wardrobes - A Surprising Way Of Life! (download)
Gerry Adlard, 15/03/2019
Crucial Conversations 6 - Living In Paradise Lost (download)
Panel Responses Only, 10/03/2019
The Land Between 1 - Fertile Ground For Courage (download)
Rob Taylor, 10/03/2019
Ash Wednesday (download)
Rob Taylor, 06/03/2019
Moses - Prayer When The Call Is Too Big (download)
Jeremy Clampett, 03/03/2019
Crucial Conversations 5 - Sin (download)
Rob Taylor, 03/03/2019
The Prayer of Samuel - Attentiveness (download)
Andre Frieslaar, 24/02/2019
Crucial Conversations 4 - Sexuality (download)
Rob Taylor and Panel, 24/02/2019
The Prayer Of Hannah 3 - Gratitude (download)
Charlotte Brown, 17/02/2019
20190217 1830 Crucial Conversations 3 - Identity and Relationship (download)
Rob Taylor and Panel, 17/02/2019
Crucial Conversations 2 - Sabbath Rest (download)
Rob Taylor, 10/02/2019
The Prayer Of Hannah 2 - Unreserved Dedication (download)
Colleen Sturrock, 10/02/2019
Crucial Conversations 1 - Divine Creation (download)
Rob Taylor, 03/02/2019
Confirmation (download)
Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, 03/02/2019
The Dignity of Work (download)
Ron Begbie, 27/01/2019
The Prayer Of Hannah 1 - Passionate Intensity (download)
Rob Taylor, 27/01/2019
How Scripture Impacts Life (download)
Ev Els, 27/01/2019
Jesus' Manifesto (download)
David Newby, 20/01/2019
What is the mind of Christ? (download)
Dr John Patrick, 13/01/2019
Season of Anticipation (download)
Rob Taylor, 02/12/2018
Being Salt and Light (download)
Judy Everingham , 25/11/2018
Mission from the Margins (download)
Dage Musangilay, 25/11/2018
Mission from the Margins (download)
Emma Brewster, 18/11/2018
Beatitudes (download)
Charlotte Brown, 18/11/2018
Remembrance (download)
Rob Taylor, 11/11/2018
Caroline Powell (download)
Mission from the Margins, 11/11/2018
Ev Els (download)
Jesus' Temptation, 04/11/2018
Jesus takes Peter fishing (download)
Yvonne Kane, 11/11/2018
Intergenerational unity for the Glory of Christ (download)
Keenan Farquhar, 04/11/2018
Shape of the Euchurist (download)
Rob Taylor, 30/09/2018
Encourgement (download)
Andre Frieslaar, 30/09/2018
Men's Breakfast (download)
Dage Musangilay, 15/05/2018
Daniels message to the church (download)
John Lennox , 23/04/2018
Interview with Seabelo Senatla (download)
Seabelo with Hans Scriba, 11/04/2018
Easter Signs and Symbols (download)
Sue Taylor, 01/04/2018
The first day of the Rest of your Life (download)
Rob Taylor, 01/04/2018
Confirmation (download)
Bishop Garth, 19/11/2017
Invitation to Lament (download)
Rob Taylor, 12/11/2017
Living Out Of Abundance (download)
Rob Taylor, 22/10/2017
Apologetics: Crossing borders with the Gospel (download)
Mahlatse Mashua, 10/09/2017
Accounting for our hope (download)
Mahlatse Mashua, 03/09/2017
Men's Dinner - Water Matters (download)
Dr Kevin Winter, 24/04/2017
A Sting in the Tale (download)
Mark Russell, 30/04/2017
A Vision for Affordable Housing in the City and Southern Suburbs (download)
Stephan De Beer,
The sign of the times (download)
John Hewitson, 27/11/2016
Isaiah 58 (download)
Val Anderson, 13/11/2016
Confirmation (download)
Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, 13/11/2016
Blessed Assurance (download)
Rob Taylor, 06/11/2016
Remembrance (download)
Annie Kirke, 06/11/2016
First Tuesday_ Economic Restitution (download)
Sharlene Swart, 06/09/2016
Finding Life 4 - A New Act of Creation (download)
Rob Taylor, 04/09/2016
Every contact leaves a trace (download)
Toby Flint, 28/08/2016
Finding Life 2 - The Original Plan (download)
Rob Taylor, 21/08/2016
Luke 1: 26-43 (download)
Father Peter John Pearson,
First Tuesday - Discovering Missional Activism - July (download)
Fr Peter John Pearson, 05/07/2016
Emerge - Shabbat Shalom (download)
Rob Taylor, 30/04/2016
Emerge - Shabbatt (download)
John Atkinson, 30/04/2016
Emerge - Shabbat and Mission (download)
Annie Kirke,
Economic Justice (download)
Alan Storey, 03/05/2016
The furnishings of temple worship (download)
Rob Taylor, 03/01/2016
Obedience (download)
Pat Lennox, 13/12/2015
Team Build 4 - Spiritual Awakening and Celebration (download)
Rob Taylor, 21/06/2015
Mission of Degrees 2 (download)
John Atkinson, 14/06/2015
The Spirit Dynamic in Mission (download)
Ross Hastings, 24/05/2015
One Neccessary Thing (download)
Wes Hall ,
Mephibosheth (download)
Rob Taylor, 26/01/2014
The Trinity Project (download)
Rob Taylor, 26/01/2014
Mark van Deventer Matthew 13:44-46 (download)
Mark van Deventer, 19/01/2014
Personal Prayer (download)
Rob Taylor, 19/01/2014
Dave Meldrum (download)
Dave Meldrum, 12/01/2014
Moving Forward Together 7 - Justice & Mercy (download)
Craig Stewart, 29/09/2013
Moving Forward Together 6 - Generosity (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 22/09/2013
And I Will Make You (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 27/01/2013
Upward and Outward (download)
Mark Van Deventer, 04/11/2012
The Audacity To Believe God's Promises (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 07/10/2012
Expect The Unexpected (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 07/10/2012
Walking Out Of Deception Into Truth (download)
Duncan McLea, 02/09/2012
Who We Are Instead - Worshippers (download)
Tim Smith, 15/07/2012
Who We Are Instead - We Are Loved (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 10/06/2012
Life With God - No! (download)
Duncan McLea, 10/06/2012
Life With God - When (download)
Duncan McLea, 03/06/2012
Being Invitational (download)
Michael Harvey, 03/06/2012
Alpha Training - Invitational Church, Part 2 (download)
Michael Harvey, 02/06/2012
Pentecost (download)
Charlotte Brown, 27/05/2012
Lay Ministers Service (download)
Anthony Langenhoven, 20/05/2012
What Are We Saved For? (download)
Duncan McLea, 06/05/2012
Jesus Appears To Peter (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 06/05/2012
Jesus Appears To The Disciples (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 29/04/2012
Jesus Appears To Cleopas (download)
Judy Everingham, 22/04/2012
Jesus Appears To Thomas (download)
Jeremy Jobling, 15/04/2012
The Resurrection Body (download)
Duncan McLea, 08/04/2012
Good Friday - Jesus Dies (download)
Duncan McLea, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - Mary and John (download)
Lynn Pedersen, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - The Two Criminals (download)
Charlotte Brown, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - Jesus Takes Up His Cross (download)
Charlotte Brown, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - Jesus Before Pilate (download)
Charlotte Brown, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - Peter's Denial (download)
Lynn Pedersen, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - Betrayal and Arrest (download)
Lynn Pedersen, 06/04/2012
Good Friday - In The Garden (download)
Duncan McLea, 06/04/2012

Stephen Hofmeyr, 21/12/2010


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