holiday club 2019

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24 - 28 June 2019

8am - 12pm

ages: 6 - 12years 

We are so excited for Holiday Club 2019! Our theme this year is Never Alone, and we can't wait to be spending this week with your Kids!
The heart of holiday club is for the leadership team to get to know your children personally and to have as much fun with them as possible. The morning is filled with different components: Group times, games, sports, activities, crafts, team challenges, a drama, interactive talks, movies, a postman, up front challenges, themed days and more

Child's Name and Surname:  






Parent's / Gaurdian Name: 


Name of person most likely to fetch the child: 

Please tick the boxes of any condition your child suffers from:
Allergy to nuts 
Allergy to penicillin 
Allergy to bee stings 
Heart condition 
Any other info: 

Do you give consent for photos to be taken of your child at holiday club to be used for Scripture Union and / or church marketing purposes: 

Please supply the name and number of someone we could contact in case of emergency, in the unlikely event in which we cannot get hold of a parent/ guardian:

In the unlikely event of an accident or injury I give permission for my child to be taken to the closest hospital (at my cost): 

I consent to my child taking part in the approved activites, including watching age-appropriate video clips, for the Never Alone Holiday Club. I hearby indemnify Scripture Union and Christ Church Keniliworth orginising the Never Alone Holiday Club and any of their directors, leaders, officials, employees against any loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property for whatever reason or cause, either directly or indirectly, whilst on the property and / or under the care of Scripture Union and Christ Church Kenilworth. 

Please sign an indemnity form on the first day of arrival of holiday club 





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